WVU leaves the dance floor…

Well, it was a good run. The Mountaineers lost Thursday night (er, Friday morning?) to the Texas Longhorns by a score of 74-71. Wild finish in that one. WVU tied the game with about 5 seconds to go at 71, but Texas got the ball down the other end of the court and scored with under a second left to win.

The main thing that killed the Mountaineers (to me, anyway) was lack of rebounding. Texas got way too many second chance points. The Mounties have had a good couple of seasons here, but I think next year will be termed a “rebuilding” year.

Hey, what more can I ask for? WVU Football wins Sugar Bowl. Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl. WVU Basketball makes Sweet Sixteen. It’s only March and this has been a great sports year.


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