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This is just a mini-blog.

So, country this week, huh? Some will be strong, others may be week. What will Chris sing? Can I single-handedly keep Katharine out of the bottom three? These questions and others will soon be answered…

Hey! Whoopi’s in the audience! Cool.

I actually saw Kenny Rogers in concert when I was little. My mom and dad drug me to the concert when I was about seven years old. The good thing was that Gallagher opened up for him, and he was hilarious!

Alright! Taylor – singing Country Roads! This could be good. Hey, I’m a West Virginian, so I might be a little partial! Simon will hate this. I like Taylor’s voice, man, he is good. Simon will not like this. Randy’s right about the personality. “safe, boring, lazy” about what I expected from Simon.

Yes, I’ve been to the website Ryan. Thanks. You are just goofy.

Mandisa – Puttin’ her own flavor on this song. Something Taylor really couldn’t do. Not bad for the genre. This is not her strong suit, and she’s doing quite well. Different enough from the original, but still recognizable.

What’s up with Ryan and the judges tonight?

Elliott – Interesting song choice from him. He’s got good vocals, and I think he’ll be able to put his own spin on it. I like Kenny’s advice to him. Make ’em cry. That’s what I say. Not bad. A little safe to me. A little like Taylor, he needs to bust out a little bit.

Paris – Ewww. Bad opening. I don’t particularly like this song choice from her. She’s got a real big voice. It was a decent ending. I think she stuck a little to close to the original and didn’t own the song. What is Simon on? Hmmm… interesting.

Ace – Hmm… Kenny, interesting comments. Not bad, not bad. Ace did pretty well tonight. That was good vocally. He knows his audience and he sang straight to them. I don’t know, however, whether it’s good enough to keep him hanging on this week. I, personally, liked it, but will it motivate enough people to vote for him?

Kellie – This could be good. Her voice fits this song perfectly. You knew she would do good this week. She sounded as good as the original. That was well done. Not much else to say, really. I expected her to do good, and she did. Best of the night so far.

Chris – Actually he is doing quite well. He’s not struggling. He was a little shakey in spots, but the vocal was quite good. A little too low in spots, but I am glad he did well. I somewhat agree with Simon in the “boring songs” category, but not so much as far as Chris as concerned.

Katharine – That’s the kind of music she should be singing. I am so glad to see her having fun tonight after seeing the serious side of her for the past of couple of weeks. Vote vote vote. Keep her out of bottom three, people. That was very good.

Bucky – He shouldn’t still be here. On country week, he picks this? He is not a country ballad singer. He could’ve picked a little bit of anything. I didn’t like that song choice at all. Something just didn’t sound right. He needed something more down-home. Up-tempo. I really like Bucky (the person). He’ll be fun to watch on the tour. But I haven’t liked his voice since week one.

Okay, now to clean this up, slap it in some kind of order, and put it on


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