Holidays, Movies

…and the rockets’ red glare!

Hope you had an exciting Independence Day! It was a memorable day full of rockets, as the Space Shuttle Discovery launched this Fourth of July, and the annual fireworks displays were terrific as usual.

I have posted some new July pictures in the photo section.

On another note, we saw the movie “Cars” on Friday night. A very good movie, probably my favorite film of the year so far. Of course, I’m a NASCAR fan anyway, so I didn’t need any encouragement to go see “Cars.” I liked everything about the movie, but I mostly enjoyed looking for the hidden gems they (the Pixar team) throw into their movies. Like catching a glimpse of the birds from the Pixar short “For the Birds” perched on the telephone wire, or reading Fillmore’s bumper stickers. I can’t wait for the film to come out on DVD just to poke and prod a little more and find some more things.

For a list of some of the hidden references, check out this wikipedia article, and this imdb article.

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