Back to School…

It’s that time of year again! Allison headed back to school last week, while Ryan had his first day of pre-school today.Ryan getting on the bus for his first day of school.

I think that Ryan will enjoy school.  He plays well with other kids and he is full of energy.  I will be interested to hear what he has to say about his first day of school.

Allison started second grade last week.  She has the job of making sure that Ryan gets to school and to his classroom okay.  She has enjoyed school ever since she started and hopefully she will continue liking school.  I think she will want to be in the band when she gets older, while Ryan will lean towards sports, probably baseball, but I could be wrong.

Allison and Ryan head to school on Wednesday.

They have had an exciting summer with some small trips to Idlewild, Pittsburgh, and Pigeon Forge.  But now it’s time to go back to class and make new friends or say “hi” to old ones.

Have a happy school year!

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