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England ’97 – A really far look back

As I mentioned in my last post, Diana and Derek were recently in from England.  When they come in we often get together as a family for dinners and such, and at one dinner last week we started discussing our last visit to England.  I went more often when I was a kid, but the trip in 1997 was the first for my nephew Derek.  (Yes, I have an uncle named Derek, and a nephew named Derek, too.  Confused yet? It may help to know that the nephew was named after the uncle…)

Anyway, after discussing the ’97 trip to England, Derek (the nephew) asked if I still had my pictures and mini-site from the vacation.  So, here it is, exactly as it looked in 1997.  The downside of that: some of the links on the left-hand column probably won’t work right, and there are bound to be some typos out there.  But other than that, please enjoy the look back from almost ten years ago.

Also, to take a look back in video form, the complete video (england ’97 – Disc 1) is available to view here.

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