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So, anyway, like I was saying…

All this stuff going on is driving me crazy. So, last night during the latter part of “the game” I decided to start working on the England ’97 DVD. Well, Disc 1 anyway. It’s probably going to be a Trilogy by the time I’m done with it.

Disc 1 is about an hour and a half long. And I expect the other two to probably be about the same. I was able to edit a little bit out of Disc 1. We went to an American football match in England, and for some reason I recorded like 15 minutes of it. So, I cut a lot out. Just kept the silly stuff and good plays.

It’s hard to decide what background music to put to home movies. I don’t want to clutter it up with effects “just ‘cuz I can.” I want to use it when it looks and feels right. I think I’m doing a good job so far.

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