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Like a kid again

One of the best things about being a parent is that I now have a good excuse to watch cartoons again.

Of course, cartoons are a little different now than they used to be.  I always used to watch Bugs Bunny on Saturday mornings, and then, if we were lucky, we’d go out to the Middletown Mall and go shopping.  Sometimes we’d even eat at McDonald’s, which was about the only fast food restaurant in town.

Now it seems like we rely on Mickey D’s or Burger King to supply half our meals. But, I’m getting off the topic.

Anyway, Disney-Pixar’s “Cars” was released on DVD today.  We saw it in the theaters and I knew I’d want to pick this one up. I’m a NASCAR fan anyway, so I didn’t need any prodding to go see this one. It was very entertaining for kids and parents alike.

Pick it up if you’ve got kids, and maybe even if you don’t.

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