Windows 95 Launch

Soon, Windows Vista will be released to the world — more than ten years after the most important product in desktop computer history — Windows 95.

Windows 95 LaunchWindows 95 was a crucial product for Microsoft.  It proved that they were able to build upon on existing product base and make serious improvements in usability.  It was the foundation for the Windows base for the next several years, and it also showed the industry how to successfully market a high-tech product to the masses.

Needless to say, the push behind Windows 95 was huge.  History shows it was an extremely successful product, allowing the personal computer desktop market to grow by leaps and bounds during the next several years.

Of course since that time there have been several Windows releases, and most of them have had some kind of marketing product “Launch” but none of them have been quite as large as Windows 95.  So, here are some photos of my trip to Pittsburgh on August 24, 1995, for the launch of Windows 95.

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