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Getting ready for 2007

Hope everyone out there had a Merry Christmas! We’ve been preparing for our New Year’s Eve party this weekend.  And of course, the Mountaineers play their bowl game this Monday.

I’ve been playing the 360 a little bit lately.  Hopeful to play more this long weekend.  Allison (and Mommy) got me Need For Speed: Carbon for Christmas and I’ve barely gotten started.  (Hey, I am 1% complete! Yeeha!)

I’ve gone to two movies in the past week.  One last Friday, one this Friday.  Pretty unusual for me.  We went to see The Nativity Story last week and Rocky Balboa this week.  Both movies were quite good.  I will never picture the nativity scene the same way in my mind again after seeing that movie.

Well, I’m off to bed soon.  Have a great weekend!


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