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There are several good shows on now.  I read somewhere on line that “January is the new Fall” and I believe it.

Blame American Idol.  Ever since it began its seasons in January (starting with season two) it set the standard for starting a season off in January.

NBC has grown by leaps and bounds recently.  The best move they’ve made is making their prime-time shows available for streaming on their website.  I missed a few early episodes of Heroes on TV but (thanks to NBC.com) I’m back on track now and am watching every week.  Had those shows not been available, I probably wouldn’t be watching, because I can’t stand catching a series in the middle.

And what they’ve done to extend the show to the web is amazing.  The Heroes website is full of extra information you’ll only get from NBC.com.  They have even introduced a character (known so far only as “Wireless”) on the site that hasn’t yet been in the show…

Beyond that, they’re playing games with us.  There are special in-show phone numbers to call, and web applications to fill out.  Claire Bennet even has her own myspace page where she discusses her high school life.  Great tie-ins to let us learn more about these characters, and make them seem more real, more accessible.

They’ve done an awesome job of jumping into the whole multimedia universe and other networks would do well to take lessons.

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