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If you get a chance…

…and are so inclined, check out This Week in Tech (or TWiT, as they call it).  It is a podcast put on by Leo Laporte and others in the tech field.  I’ve listened to a couple of times recently and they’ve turned me on to a few things I had never heard about before. Very interesting conversation.

And one of the things they’ve got me interested in is the movie Idiocracy directed by Mike Judge.  If you remember, he is the one responsible for Office Space and Beavis & Butthead.  I haven’t watched Idiocracy yet, but I would like to rent it this weekend from MovieLink

I think I might add a page to this site titled “My Favorite Media” that lists the things I’m watching and listening to…

American Idol holds some promise this season.  Early on I was afraid for this group. I felt like the judges picked the wrong Top 24.  Well, to an extent I still feel it could have been a better group, but there are at least a few singers who hold promise.  To read my comments on this season in more detail, click here.

I’ve been looking at laptops at  My favorite so far is the HP dv9230us.  It looks pretty beefy.

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