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A Slight Change…

Today I made a couple of modifications to my site. Hopefully they are improvements. Just a couple of little minor things, but nice nonetheless:

  1. The site should (honestly!) load faster now when jumping from page to page. I took some of the information (events, Idol blog, weather, etc.) off of all the other sub-pages, and left it only on the home page. This should seriously help performance.
  2. Added a “Jaiku” presence badge on the right-hand sidebar of the home page. Jaiku is like twitter. Of course, now I have to describe what twitter is, so why did I say that? Anyway, the idea behind twitter and Jaiku is like an online presence locator. It lets people know if you’re online and what you’re doing. You can update with whatever info you like. I have yet to get Jaiku working with my cell phone and I think twitter would probably work easier, so I’m not committed to Jaiku totally yet. However, it looks to me as if Jaiku has a good grip on the possibilities…

So there. There hasn’t been a whole lot of excitement lately. The kids have had a lot of soccer/T-ball practices and the weather has been nice, so I haven’t been inside enough to post! Not complaining though. I am so glad spring is here!

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