Allison’s first soccer game

Well, it’s been a crazy couple of days around here. We’ve been going to T-ball, soccer, dance, and trying to prepare for Mother’s Day.

Allison had her first soccer game on Tuesday evening. I don’t think she really knew how much running was involved while playing soccer. But she found out the hard way!

There were a lot of first-time-players on the field Tuesday, and I think the girls learned a lot.

More games to come… (again)


  1. Diana and Derek, England

    Hello again from England – Derek is very impressed with Allison’s soccer outfit and of course the very fact that she’s following in his footsteps..(ha,ha!). He wonders whether he should bring along his yellow and red cards when we visit?? I assured him he wouldn’t be needing them ……. or would he? I say he should at least bring his whistle. Has the name ‘David Beckham’ reached wild and wonderful WV yet? What razzamatazz, eh? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll explain in September. We’re looking forward to being there soon. xx

  2. Hi! We are all looking forward to your visit. Allison enjoyed playing soccer this year. During the first game, she was pretty confused and tired. She wasn’t expecting all that running! But during the second game she paced herself and was more aggressive. She started to get the hang of it.

    Yes, “Posh and Becks” are makimg a splash over here now… She has a reality show on NBC called “Coming to America” that apparently wasn’t received too well…

    I didn’t watch it because I’m watching enough TV these days.

    See you soon!

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