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We’re all in this (car) together

Well, it’s just about time to head south for a week. We’re heading to Disney World tomorrow. I am always anxious before traveling on a long journey like this. I would just like to “be there” and not have to “get there.”

We’ll be packed in the car for 10 hours on Saturday, and 5 hours on Sunday. We’ve got plenty of things to keep the kids busy on the ride down, including a few Nicktoon/Shrek movies to plug in to the Gameboy and some Disney CD’s. That should keep them quiet. For a couple of minutes.

The wildfires in Florida and Georgia are very active right now. Hopefully, this will calm down before we get there. It doesn’t look too likely though. We thought for a while we might have to deal with Subtropical Strom Andrea, but it dissipated on Thursday. Usually we hope for a rain-free vacation, but in this case I’ll make an exception. Those people who live in Florida desperately need the rain.

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