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You must be this tall to ride the ride

Well, we got here with no trouble. After worrying about the fires and I-10 and I-75 closings, we were quite concerned. We got here a little early, so we “pre-registered” and got room keys without a room. (I called back later and got a number.) In the meantime, we found a Target and ate lunch at Pizza Hut.

After checking into the All-Star Music resort and getting settled in, we headed down to the pool. The All-Star resorts may be the “value resorts” but they are probably the most “kid friendly.” Giant themed rooms, buildings and pools make you feel as though you never leave the parks. During this particular trip, the main “guitar pool” is closed, so we swam in the “piano pool” instead.

After our swim, it was off to Downtown Disney and DisneyQuest. DisneyQuest is an Interactive Indoor Theme Park, with rides and activities for all ages. The one thing here I was looking forward to was CyberSpace Mountain. Tina and I have done it before and I really wanted the kids to take a turn. Unfortunately, Ryan was too small to ride, so we skipped it. There was still plenty to do, but missing the signature ride was a disappointment. Overall, DisneyQuest is a lot of fun, but a little pricey, especially for young ones under 10 who may not be able to ride every ride.

The WDW Transportation System is the best way to get around down here. The buses pick you up at your hotel, take you to any park, and will return you to your hotel at any time throughout the day. On this night, we ended up trying to leave Downtown Disney the same time as the Magic Kingdom closed, so we waited quite a while for a bus.

Overall, it was a fun first day at Disney World. We are staying in the “Broadway” themed section of the All-Star Music Resort. Very large hats and canes are hanging right outside our window. Freaky.

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