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Today was dedicated totally to Epcot. That wasn’t originally the plan. We were planning a morning there with a return trip to MGM in the afternoon to finish some of the movie rides we didn’t get to yesterday. But we just totally got caught up in Epcot. And we didn’t really get to do all we wanted there either…

I should point out that the crowds have generally been pretty light at all the parks. Mostly we’ve only waited 10-15 minutes for rides. We experienced our longest wait of the trip today, waiting for Soarin’, one of Disney’s newest rides. We waited almost an hour for that one. But it was great! That ride was probably the highlight of the day.

Spaceship Earth was entertaining as usual, except I see that Siemens has taken over sponsership from AT&T. We walked around World Showcase and visited a few countries. I like the UK, and things are pretty authentic there. The tea shop was full of British candy favourites, and the smell of fish and chips was quite pervasive. I grabbed a Flake and an Aero bar while I could! Mexico was fun as well. We rode the Gran Fiesta Tour, which was a boat ride that was longer than it seemed it would be (a good thing). We went through the “Universe of Energy” which consists of a 37-minute ride through Ellen DeGeneres’ worst nightmare (assisted by Bill Nye the Science Guy). Going through “The Seas with Nemo and Friends” adventure at Epcot was more than expected. There is really an entire aquarium in that building and it was great. The kids had a blast! I liked riding through the Imagination Institute rides, like Figment and “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience.” I think my favorite rides are the 3-D movie rides, sometimes with live people bopping around a stage… So I’ll enjoy tomorrow: We’re headed to Universal Studios.

I’ve been to Epcot three times and each time Mission: Space and Test Track have still evaded me. We’ve been trying to maximize the fun for the kids, so some of the grown-up rides will have to wait.

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