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It’s a wrap!

My, how plans change! Well, we didn’t make it back to the Magic Kingdom on Friday. In fact, we didn’t get to any park Friday. Right after checking out, the kids decided they wanted to head straight for Daytona Beach. The original plan was to go to the Magic Kingdom for a few hours and then head east.

But once they heard “beach” it was over. So we headed east. We drove for about two hours and found a hotel right on the beach. The weather was a little rough for beaching it, with an awful lot of wind and somewhat chilly temperatures. But the kids got to play in the water and in the sand. That was nice.

We walked along the beach and entered a shopping plaza where we saw Shrek the Third. The kids had a good time.

Now we are back home and are trying to get settled back in. I am sorting through the 448 pictures I took and will try to post the best ones to flickr. I also have about four hours of video to examine and edit. I am waiting (impatiently) for Pinnacle to release Studio version 11. And then I can make DVD’s.

One more stat that I think is funny: We have driven to Disney World twice in the Jeep, which now has 71,065 miles. Well, from my house, Disney is a round trip of 1,792 miles. Meaning that 3,584 of those 71,065 miles are from Disney trips alone. So, 5% of our driving in the Jeep has been to Disney World. One out of every 20 miles driven belongs to a Disney trip. Freaky.

Well, it’s nice to be home, but I always feel empty and lost after returning from a vacation. I hate to see them end. I always work on a list of things to look forward to when coming home. I have three things on it, and one is done. Of course, I can still work on Photoshopping some images before Studio 11 comes out!

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