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Memorial Day

Hope everyone had a pleasant Memorial Day weekend. We went to two cookouts and ate too many hamburgers and hot dogs. The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins, as always.

I got my copy of Pinnacle Studio 11 on Friday so I spent a few hours this weekend getting used to it.  It’s not much different from Studio 10, really, but works on Windows Vista. It also has a few new features and effects, like Vitascene, which look pretty nice. I don’t know how I can work these cool effects into my movies yet, but I would like to at least play with them.

I realize I am probably going to need a new computer soon. The one I’m editing video on is now three years old, which is an eternity in “computer years.” I’ve been pricing out a few possible replacements from HP and Dell. I like the HP deal, because I can get a 19-inch widescreen monitor for $150 with a system purchase. Nice.

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