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A Long Wiikend

wiikendRyan celebrated his sixth birthday last week and we had his party on Friday night.

He made out pretty well for his birthday. His best present was a Nintendo Wii. That’s been a big hit. We got Wii Sports, Wii Play, Carnival Games, and MySims.

So far, the most fun game is the one bundled with the console, Wii Sports. The tennis and bowling have been especially fun, and so far we’ve been pretty faithful about doing our Wii Fitness every day. (I just got a 23 today, thank you very much!) The boxing is still a little difficult, but I’m getting the hang of the golf. I’ve done reasonably well with the baseball, but not perfect.

I played just about every game in Carnival Games the other night, and it was fairly fun. There’s not a ton of replay value in playing the actual carnival games over and over again but they are pretty fun the first time through. Wii Play is a little difficult for younger kids since you have to be pretty exact with the controller. MySims resembles the popular Sims games but plays at a level appropriate for kids. I played it a little earli100_4739er today and enjoyed how simple it is to build things. I like the Sims games in general and wanted to give this one a chance. I’ll report more later.

Ryan had a “Superman” themed birthday party complete with SuperCake. He had plenty of friends and family attend his party.

The Mountaineers finally got back on the winning track on Saturday by beating Syracuse 55-14. Sometimes it just depends on which team shows up, I guess.

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