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My Wii Hole-in-one

And, yes, I am proud. 🙂

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  1. Diana and Derek, England

    Well, who’s a smarty pants on that Wii thing? Pity it wasn’t in the US Open, eh? Well, we’re well and truly back to normal now and have gotten over our colds that we came back with. Colds and jet-lag don’t make for clear minds!! But now I must tell you again just how much we enjoyed our visit with you all. The children are just great and we were so happy to be with them. Also thank Tina for the great dinner. I haven’t been hungry at all since we got home! Anyway, Derek has been out and bought a 40″ LCD TV (HD ready). He just was bowled over by those sets he was watching over there. So he’s had to have one. It is great (in both senses). Looks like you may have had some wild weather recently? Hope nothing too bad in your area. Tell everyone hi from us and catch up again later.

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