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Torn between two codecs

Well, I’m trying to decide if I should convert all my wmv (windows media) files over to flv (flash movie) files. I know this is just a techie decision, but it’s bugging me.

There are pros and cons to converting:


1. More compatability. I can play flv’s right on the Wii, and by simply downloading Adobe flash player on a Linux box. (No Microsoft codecs required.)

2. I can “force” 16×9 by modifying my config file, but that’s also a con–all my videos go to 16×9, including the ones that are really 4×3. (So everyone looks fat.)

3. I like the flv player.


1. The quality seems to be a little worse than wmv. Things are a little blockier…

2. The file sizes are bigger too. For a resolution that is close (320×240) the file size jumps about 15%.

3. I can click anywhere in the timeline in the wmv and it will just start “buffering” at that point. The flv will only play what’s been downloaded.

So, I’m stuck… Do I sacrifice a little quality and convenience to get the benefit of compatability? Stick around to find out.

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