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SteelersSteelers pull out a win

That was an entertaining football game last night. The field was just horrible after a storm dumped a ton of rain before last night’s game. Well, neither offense could do anything, and the game went scoreless for over 59 minutes. Final score: Pittsburgh 3, Miami 0.

wvu WVU soundly defeats UConn for Big East Title

The Mountaineers beat the Connecticut Huskies after scoring 42 second half points. Final score WVU 66, UConn 21. The win sets up a big “Backyard Brawl” this Saturday with the Mountaineers hosting the Pitt Panthers. A win by #2 West Virginia virtually ensures a trip to the BCS championship.

So the Mountaineer football team is back in the hunt again. I never would have guessed that after the South Florida loss. But with all these other top teams dropping like flies… it’s just unbelievable. It just goes to show you that late season losses hurt you much more than early season losses.

Dancing With the Stars season finale

This is a show that should absolutely not work. In any way, shape, or form. The title itself sounds like a parody of reality TV shows. “It’s Dancing…. but with Stars!” But for some reason, it actually ends up being a very entertaining show. Last night Helio, Mel B, and Marie danced for the final time for the viewers’ votes. Tomorrow a winner will be declared and I’m not sure who that will be. It should be between Helio and Mel B if it’s based strictly on the performances and the ability to dance. But Marie obviously has a lot of fans out there. If it were up to me, I’d vote for Helio to win it all.

Zune 80GBI picked up a Zune

I picked up one of the new Zune 80GB media devices last week, right after it was released. I am very happy with this player. Tons of room for storing pictures, songs, videos, and now, podcasts. That was one thing I was looking for. I wanted something that made syncing podcasts very easy, and the Zune Marketplace software does a great job. If anybody has any podcast recommendations, let me know. Lately I’ve been listening to Leo Laporte’s “The Tech Guy” podcast. He does such a great job of talking about technology in an intelligent way, and he makes the n00bs feel welcome too.

Another cool thing about the Zune: I like the Zune card: (Click on it for a larger picture.)

My Zune Card, as of 11-27-2007

From “the Social” website, you can see your most recently played songs and get recommendations based on what you’ve been listening to. You can also meet people who have similar music tastes and see what else they’ve been listening to. A really neat idea and a great way to potentially discover new music.

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