End of a nice run

Well, it didn’t end like we had hoped. The Mountaineers lost their final game of the regular season tonight to the Pitt Panthers by a score of 13-9. You had to see all the signs pointed that way, didn’t you?

Twelve times this season a top 5 team lost to an unranked team (well, 13 now). And right from the outset, with WVU missing the easy field goals… You just had the sense early on that this was going to be a long night.

Basically, the offensive line could not handle Pitt’s defensive line. That’s what it really boils down to. You can say that “with White, WVU would have won” but I don’t believe that’s true. Even so, you’re a team. You win together, you lose together. One player does not a team make.

There will be a lot of discussion after this one is over, and plenty of disappointment all the way around. But in the end, the team just didn’t get it done tonight.

So we can stop talking national championship, once again, and focus on winning the bowl game.

Thanks for an exciting 2007 season, and the opportunity, at least, to vie for a national title.

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