Crazy House

It’s a little crazy here tonight… I think that there are more kids than adults… Allison is having her ninth birthday party tomorrow and she has invited a couple of friends to spend the night.  So, it’s just a little crazy in here.

I always hate to say "if you look on the sidebar" in a post, because I change this site so often that it’s probably not going to be there long, but "having said that…"

If You Look At The Sidebar you will notice a Biggest Loser-type scale.  This is because a group of us (eight, I think) are trying to lose weight along with the Biggest Loser Million Pound Match-Up.  Some of us (not me) are doing better than others.  I’ve lost three pounds so far, but at one time I had lost over five.  And I’ve put some back on.  You can see our Biggest Loser page here.

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