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let kids be kids

I’m not getting into specifics here tonight; that wouldn’t be the right thing to do.  I just want to say that, kids often look up to the adults that lead them, that teach them, and that coach them.  And sometimes kids see some things that they shouldn’t see, some things they shouldn’t be subjected to, simply because the adults don’t play well together.

If we ever wonder to ourselves why our children don’t get along, why our children don’t behave, then we have to take a closer look at ourselves.  We are their role models.  We are to be held accountable for teaching them right from wrong and providing them with appropriate, positive role models to look up to.  If we bicker, and argue, and throw punches, then we should expect the same from our children.

Sometimes, we all need to examine ourselves and try to see us as our children do.  Do they see us trying hard, but still have the ability to smile in success or in failure? Or do they see us stomp off in a huff when something doesn’t go our way? What do they take away from a loss? Do they place blame on others? At the end of the day, can they refer to the “other team” as their friends, their classmates, their buddies?

Or do they just remain the “other team?”

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