Wild, Wonderful West Virginia

Okay, I admit it.  I’m not much of a mountain man.  My idea of “getting back to nature” is taking a trip to Niagara Falls and relaxing to the sound of the waterfalls.CIMG0216  But last weekend we met up with friends and family and went to Jellystone Park in Elkins.

I don’t get much out of camping, although I did enjoy the company.  I had fun playing cards and riding bikes and generally taking it easy.  I don’t enjoy sleeping in a camper.  I didn’t sleep too well.  But at least my allergies were held in check this time.

The kids had a great time.  They did a little swimming and even did a little river rafting.  We did a little sight-seeing around the area and visited the fish hatchery.  The kids would wave their arms in the air over the fish and the fish would jump around like crazy, expecting to be fed.

You can see more photos on the photo page.

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