I very much enjoyed this Disney-Pixar movie when we went to see it onwall_e_poster Saturday.  We  were a little late getting out to see this because of our vacation plans.  I try to catch the Disney-Pixar movies as soon as they come out.

I liked the story line, and I had absolutely no problem with the lack of dialogue in the first half hour of the movie.  You know, it just goes to show you how communication can be completely visual.  I think it’s just a testament to how great the animators really are.  This will definitely be a DVD purchase.

The only negative thing I had heard about the movie, really, was that the message was overtly political.  And I just didn’t see that.  Yes, in the movie, mankind failed to take care of the earth, but it was so “over-the-top” with the tall stacks of trash that all the “WALL•E” robots created… that just wouldn’t really happen that way.  Yes, we may pollute the earth to where it’s uninhabitable… I could see that happening.  And there’s a decent chance that we could get so large that we can’t even stand up without help.  But that should just be encouragement to not let that happen.  I don’t know… I just looked at the movie for it’s entertainment value.  And I was entertained.

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