Well, I guess the good news is…

The Mounties certainly blew it this afternoon, huh? Of course, in the first half at least, they certainly didn’t get any help from the zebras.  They’d call a personal foul on ECU and then the ECU goofball would retaliate, and then–nothing.  So, thanks refs.

But beyond that, the ‘eers couldn’t get the ball in the end zone for nothing.

As I started to say, I guess the good news is… maybe it will be a little bit easier to get some tickets in a few weeks.  Right now, it’s almost impossible for a family of four to afford to go to a Mountaineer football game.  I haven’t been to a home game since Don Nehlen’s last game.  I would like to take Ryan to one, but it’s just too darn much.

But now, after this loss, maybe things will change.

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