Playing with Linux (again)

Well, I’ve set up an older computer I have at home in order to play with a more stable Linux box. I’ve always loaded/reloaded different Linux flavors over and over again, just long enough to get the desktop looking how I wanted, and then, boom, I’d reload it with something else.

Well, I’ve got this one a little bit operational. I’ve installed Ubuntu 8.10, added Apache2, MySQL, and PHP. (Otherwise known as a LAMP setup.)

I’ve thrown a couple of installations of the latest beta of WordPress up there on two virtual http servers just to play with internally. I’m supposed to help Russ redesign the Shinnston Community Band website and I thought using WordPress would be perfect. Now, I can design away and change as much as I want without worrying about messing anything up. When I get something that looks like it might work, I can open up the firewall and let Russ take a peek.

On another front, I finished reading “On The Edge: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Commodore” tonight. I really enjoyed that book. It amazes me how much the history of the personal computer industry has been “rewritten” basically to exclude Commodore. It seems like everyone wants to focus on Apple and IBM (and PC clones) and decide, firmly crooked, that that is where the industry started. Hmmm. It just must seem so romantic that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak invented the whole personal computer industry right from their garage! I don’t know…

Another thing fascinating regarding that book: The cast of characters involved in making Commodore what it was. That must have been an amazing place to work, in a very interesting period to work. If you are at all interested in the history of the personal computer (maybe you even owned a Commodore 64) I definitely recommend reading that book. Very educational.

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