It’s all White

Man, that was an exciting game this evening.  But it was nice of Mother Nature to get in on the act, adding a little White snow into the mix.

West Virginia held on by the skin of their teeth to win 13-7 over South Florida.

So that means that WVU ends the season at 8-4.  Not what we were wishing for when the year started.  A couple of close losses in there that could’ve gone either way, and you have to win those.  But it was nice to end the regular season with a win.

I wish Pat White much success at the next level.  I’m not sure if I would support the discussion that I heard on ESPN tonight about “retiring” Pat’s #5.  Of course, only time will really tell whether that honor is truly deserved.  He would have to attain success in the NFL, I think, so it’s too early to comment on that.

Speaking of White, look outside.  Well, if you live around here anyway.  It’s white.  ‘Cause of snow.  Not a lot of it out there… just enough to mess up the roads.  I hope everyone is careful leaving the stadium tonight.

Good night and keep warm.

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