Pet peeve #72

Okay, not really #72. I made that number up. But this is still something that bugs me a little, in a funny kind of way.

We just got new cordless phones yesterday that have a built-in answering machine. “Yay for technology!” Right? Well, this answering machine has a curious built-in “feature.” It has a clock, as you would expect, that marks the time of incoming messages. But the problem is this: When it announces the time it says the following:

“Beep. 2009 7:53pm Saturday. Beep.”

Now, please tell me. Exactly how useful is that information? I already know it’s 2009. I think I will remember that for almost one full year. And not telling me that it’s “January 10th” makes the “2009” all the more useless.

Look at it this way… If you told a friend that the party was scheduled for “2009 6:00pm Thursday” I would really take a long hard look at this crazy face they make at you.

Sorry. I just had to say that.

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