Rest and relaxation…

Ah… Peace.  Well, a break from the hustle and bustle at least.  We’re back now, and the everyday craziness is back too…

But anyway, for a short while, things were calm.  We went on vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina last week.  It’s obviously becoming one of our favorite summer hide outs, since this is the second year in a row we’ve visited there.

You know, I think it would be cool to sum up this vacation by looking at some of the tweets I sent while we were gone.  Oh, and I’ll throw an occasional photo up as well…

at the beach.

is at the beach.

Probably the most obvious tweet of the bunch, huh? But probably my favorite, ‘cause it’s at the beginning of the vacation.

It was quite busy at the beach on Sunday and Monday.  A little bit busier than I remember last year at least.  It was a little difficult to find a place to stretch out for those two days.  After Tuesday it got a little better.

I think Ryan would spend all of his time splashing around in the water if he had his way.  But of course we didn’t spend all our time down in the water.  There’s just too much to do…

Nags Head Dolphin Watch

Like go dolphin watching. 

just spotted some dolphins on the dolphin watch.

We took a tour from the Nags Head Dolphin Watch and we did spot a pack of about five dolphins.

It was a nice, successful excursion.  The weather was pleasant that day, and the kids really enjoyed seeing the dolphins “muck about in the water.”

We also went to see a performance of “The Lost Colony” at the Waterside Theatre on Roanoke Island.  I really enjoyed the production, and it has gotten me interested in early American history again.  I am especially interested in learning more about Queen Elizabeth and those first early English settlers.  Anyone know of any good books to read?Tale of the Whale

is eating at the "Tale of the Whale" restaurant, Nags Head.

When we head to the Outer Banks we like to try a different restaurant each time we go.  This trip we decided to head to the “Tale of the Whale” restaurant.  Excellent food, nice atmosphere, and pleasant live entertainment.  And of course a great view while you dine!

I’ve got some other pictures that I’ll be uploading to Facebook and flickr, so keep an eye out for those.

And now, it’s back to RL.  And things are about to get busy around here.  Ho hum.  So I’m sure I’ll be looking back at this vacation as one last gasp of serenity.  I guess I’ll just take things one day at a time, since that’s how they come at you anyway.  Good thing, huh?

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