Amiga Forever 2009

Yes, another Amiga-related entry.  i can’t help it… it’s in my blood or something.

I just installed the Amiga Forever 2009 software fresh on my laptop.  It looks like AmigaSYS integrates with the GUI directly and I have a large download (I assume of the latest version of AmigaSYS) that just finished…  Let’s see how this goes.

Yes, after the download, the installation and integration of AmigaSYS was very smooth.  Especially compared with the previous versions of AmigaSYS.  You don’t even have to know where to store the files, it just does it all for you.  Nice!

I’ve got a whole “hard drive” ready to import into my own Amiga 2000HD emulation environment.  Hopefully that will go smooth.

But I’m very glad to see that development is going to continue on AmigaSYS.  I’ve been impressed at what can still be accomplished in the Amiga environment in 2009.

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