‘V’ returns to television

One of my all-time favorite shows is coming back to TV tonight.  I’ve watched a few of the preview videos available online, and I will say that the special effects are incredible.  But I’m concerned about some of the aspects of the Visitors that I haven’t yet seen in the previews.  In the old series (and movies) the Visitors were easily identified both visually and audibly with their bright red uniforms and that little swastika-like symbol, and the obvious harmonic effect eerily present underneath all the Visitor’s voices.  (Actually, the swastika was only one of the many components of an entire backstory that often revolved around the Holocaust.)

So, I wonder: How many of these elements survive in the new ‘V?’ Will there be another Holocaust theme? Maybe it will evoke memories of a different tragedy, perhaps 9/11.  Will we be able to tell humans from Visitors? Most importantly, are they still big ugly green reptiles underneath?

I will be tuning in to find out.

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