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Google ‘Chromium’ Video

Looks like Microsoft may be facing some actual competition.  If Google can make an OS based on Linux that Grandma can use, well, we might have a game changer.

If everything takes place in the browser… think of what’s possible…  go ahead.  I’ll wait.

But then, think of what’s not possible.  I’ll wait for that too, If you like.  I can see Chrome OS filling a little bit of a void, but it’s not going to get rid of your desktop PC anytime soon.  With no local storage, and no local apps, specialty applications like video and audio editing won’t be going anywhere else, anytime soon.

What I do like about Chrome OS is that it could possibly give users the look and feel of a Linux-based system.  And I think that’s good for everyone.  Except Microsoft.

You know they had to cringe when they heard the line “Well, maybe we don’t need this anymore.”

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