Ahhh… Commodore 64 Memories…

Oh, this brings back memories.

I was JasonM13 on Q*Link back in the day. I’m trying to remember… I think Q*Link was $9.95 per month for access and 6 cents per minute for “plus” time access. Certain features (like chatting for example) were considered “plus” time features.

All of this at an exciting 300bps! WooHoo! I enjoyed Q*Link but didn’t get to be online that much back in the 80’s because there were no local access numbers. Telenet and Tymenet were the only services that provided dial-up access to Q*Link, and the closest number was in Morgantown, which was long distance.

But still, fun times!

Look below! More Q*Link!

…and another promotional video from 1986:

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