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Idol Blog for Week of April 20, 2010

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Crystal and the other six

Down to the final 7… and it’s time for Idol Gives Back. These shows are always very entertaining and very positive. I’m not a big Alicia Keys fan, but I respect what she does, especially when related to her charity work. Hey, shouldn’t they be doing two songs a week soon?

[Edit: People are gonna think I went off the deep end this week. Sometimes it happens. I totally disagree with the judges on just about everyone but Crystal. I think they are playing favorites and pretty much have made up their minds before they hear a single note. I will now jump off my soap box and continue without further interruption…]

Casey – Let’s see if he can put his own spin on this song. Not bad, he rocked out a little more, but there wasn’t a whole lot of difference. I don’t think he was really able to make the song his own. I kind of agree… Simon was a little harsh on him.

Lee – Geesh, Lee, right off the bat, right off key, buddy. I didn’t think that was a very good song choice for Lee. He was pitchy throughout the whole song. Flat, most of the time. I generally like Lee, but that was way off the mark. I will say that I liked his guitar playing. Vocally, that was terrible. I don’t know what the judges heard. Maybe it just comes in clearer on the TV.

Tim – This sounds like the kind of song that’s right up his alley… This is probably his best performance, possibly the best of the night. Kara is kind of putting her finger on it. I think it was his best performance. Again, the judges are crazy tonight. Apparently, they know who they want to win, and they will support who they want regardless of actually listening to the performances. Hmmm….

Aaron – Not the most exciting song choice, but on “inspirational night” what do you expect? Of course, some of the others managed to rock it out a bit. Like the key change. Vocally, not a bad job, and he finished it much better than he started it. It built correctly. Finally, a judge (Randy) makes some sense tonight. Kara has it right too. Good job, A. Kelly. (Good joke, Ryan.)

Siobhan – Takes on Whitney? Is that what they said? A little flat at times. Siobhan should have been around in the 70’s. She’s an old soul. Yes, Randy, that may have been the toughest song of the night. She did fairly well when she wasn’t flat. Kara this “inspirational night” – get with it. Simon, she is old fashioned. Not bad. Mid-pack right now.

Mike – He is also a little flat tonight. Are they having problems hearing themselves? He’s doing an admirable job, though. Probably one of his best performances on the show. Guitar playing was just kinda decent.

Crystal – Giving her the last spot, this must be gonna be (?) good. Genuine. You could tell she was on the verge of breaking down early… But she did it. 10 outta 10. Best performance of the night. Simon’s right on.

Tim (What?)

I would never have guessed that I would have the Timster in second place there. I have a feeling that my bottom two aren’t going to be the real bottom two, but based on tonight’s performance alone, that’s where I’d plop ‘em. I think Lee’s fan base will keep him out of the bottom, but I don’t know about anyone else. It’s getting tough to rank, and I think everyone is in danger of going home this week.

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