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American Idol Blog, April 27, 2010

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A horse race? Maybe. Maybe not.

The music of Shania Twain… I don’t know this for certain, but I have a pretty good idea it’s true. She probably does feel like a woman. She certainly looks like one. Just sayin’. I think it should be interesting. How are some of the guys gonna handle singing her songs? Unlike Shania, I don’t think they are women….

Lee – You know, I really like Lee when he stays in key. He did a decent job tonight. A little shaky especially at the start. But the song built from start to finish, and that’s good.

Mike – Good song choice for Big Mike. Throwing in a couple of Rubenesque licks there toward the end. He’s turned that song into an R&B song. Good job. It worked. Still think Big Mike is a little too impressed with himself. As in: Big Mike is an excellent singer. Just ask him.

Casey – Casey is really growing into an artist on this show. Might have to look this one up on iTunes. I think this is probably Casey’s best performance since I’ve seen him. Thank you Randy. It’s so nice when Simon agrees with the other judges. It’s like peace and harmony on Earth. Yes, it looks like it might not be a guaranteed Lee-Crystal finale after all.

Crystal – She did a good job with that. I like seeing her strip it down, and make it simple. I know what Ellen is saying, it wasn’t my favorite performance of hers either, but this wasn’t really her specialty, so she did admirably well, and maybe good enough to stay on top as the favorite.

Aaron – Aaron can really hit the glory notes, that’s for sure. He did decent with that song. I think the other guys so far have done better with their performances than he did this week. I think he performed the song with feeling, but I don’t think he was fully in pitch.

Siobhan – A few cracks in her armor tonight. You can usually count on Siobhan to shake things up a bit, and this time she played it straight and I don’t think she should have. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Siobhan performance if she didn’t belt out a half-hour long note toward the end. Nope, not buying it. If Simon is at all honest, he will not like that performance. Nahhhh… She was all over the place vocally early on and couldn’t catch her breath.

I think I’d rank ‘em like this:


Between Lee, Crystal and Casey… it’s all pretty close tonight. I am glad to see Lee and Casey step up their game tonight to start to catch up to Crystal. She’s been so far ahead all season long, and they are finally starting to catch up to her. I was not nearly as sold on Siobhan and Aaron as the judges. They were almost smitten with everyone tonight. I think it’s getting to the point where the judges want us to believe that it is a close race, and they prop up the ones who are falling behind in order to make the show appear closer than it really is. I’ve read articles where the journalists opinions pretty much echoed the ones of the judges. It’s almost like some of those writers don’t really have opinions. They just take what the judges (especially Simon) have to say and regurgitate it.

I don’t do that. But I’m not a journalist.

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