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Idol Blog, May 4, 2010

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Harry Connick, Jr. mentors the Idols. 

I’ve got a few of Harry Connick’s CD’s. I would have to say that my favorite is "She." I remember having that on repeat a few years back. I like some of his funkier stuff the most.

Why are we only doing one song this week? Shouldn’t we be at the point where we’re doing two songs a week…

Aaron – He did a pretty good job with that song. Probably one of his best performances. I like his look this week… Kind of fits the feeling. Yes, I was a little bit surprised. Kara has a good point about Aaron "commanding the stage." or lack of commanding the stage. Cannot picture him leading the rat pack.

Casey – a little bit shaky right off the bat… Or maybe that’s just nerves? Or his quick vibrato? That’s not Casey’s music. He did "okay" with that, but this is not what’s gonna be on his CD. "We like Casey, just not on this song." Thank you, Kara, for mentioning the vibrato, because it’s been bugging me all season. He’s gonna need his voters tonight because he is not safe.

Crystal – See, here’s the difference between Crystal and Casey: this song was not her style, but she made it work. Casey was genuinely uncomfortable up there; she was natural. Crystal is basically the professional of the group. Terrific job with that song, but still not gonna be on her CD. Well done.

Mike – Don’t need to change it up so much Mr. Big Mike. He did a good job. The arrangement reminded me of some kind of American Express commercial. Yes, he was smooth. 5 points for that. And the arrangement was good, but it still had a cheap commercial feel to it. Meh. What do I know? Not nearly as enthusiastic as the judges. But whatever.

Lee – now, this is Lee. This is what I knew he was capable of. You always knew he had it in him. He was on pitch the whole song (finally!) and he just sang! Best of the night! He actually kind of sounded like Harry singing that song. Ha!


This was relatively easy to work out tonight. Obvious who was best and who was worst (relatively) and pretty much everyone in between. It should be Casey’s time to go. Good luck with your first CD, Casey.

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