Weight lost, weight gained

I like my new pair of Nike+ tennis shoes. They help keep me motivated, and at this point, I need some motivation. Just the idea that all my Facebook and Twitter friends are going to see that Jason “ran 2.01 mi on 10/8/2010 at 8:02 PM” acts as a nice motivation. If I stop running, they’ll know. If I run less, they’ll know that too. At this point I’m glad I don’t have an app that blabs my weight to the world every time I step on the scale. Things haven’t been quite smooth lately as far as that goes…

2009 was great for my weight loss:

2009 Weight Loss

My year started at a hefty 267 pounds and ended at a much better 226 pounds. Officially a total of 41 pounds. Yay me, but 2010 has been a different story…


Things started well, and actually went quite well for the first half of the year. June 29, 2010 I hit a low of 216 pounds, but it’s been uphill from there. As of this morning I’m back to 228. That basically cancels out this year’s entire gains, and I’m back to January 1.

I’ve really got to get (and stay) motivated again. So, my question to you is: What do you do to keep motivated on your weight loss journey? Hints and help much appreciated.

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