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Hunting Easter Eggs

I love Cadbury chocolate. I really do. I think I can probably blame this fact on having British relatives and having a deep English family connection. Cadbury Flakes? Yes, please! And of course, “no bunny” knows Easter like the Cadbury Bunny.

But I did not come to you tonight to talk about chocolate. I came to talk to you about Easter Eggs. Not even the Cadbury Crème ones… or even the ones you hide in early spring that occupy the kids for hours on end, and you end up finding in July after playing a long guessing game of “where’s that smell coming from?”

I’m thinking more of digital Easter Eggs. Hidden rooms, messages, inside jokes or simple artwork found in video games (especially early games) that were part of the inspiration of the movie “Ready Player One.”

So, the first example of a hidden “Easter Egg” comes right from the movie itself. One of the most prominent “eggs” in the movie involves this one from the Adventure game for the Atari 2600, released in 1979:

For a little explanation behind this particular egg, watch this video:

At this point I’d like to point out one of my all-time favorite Easter Eggs. I think I like this one because I ran across is completely on accident and could never figure out how to duplicate it:

One day I loaded up “The Games: Summer Edition” and was presented with the above intro. I was a bit freaked out… 🙂

Here’s yet another famous Easter Egg hidden in Microsoft Excel 95:

And, no post about Easter Eggs would be complete without including a trailer for Ready Player One. You should go see it.

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