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Still updating Flickr photos…

I’ve been uploading all my web photos to flickr for the past few days.  There are several there now, from October of last year through February of this year.  See them now!

I am also playing with a couple of new toys.  I’ve downloaded this Windows Live Writer blogging tool from Microsoft.  I want to see if it is any different from w.bloggar that I have been using.

I just inserted a picture.  Let’s see if it’s there.

I also recently loaded my laptop with SuSe Linux 10.1 and have tried to make the desktop look as much like a Mac as possible.  It’s not perfect, but I think it looks pretty good:

With this Windows Live Writer tool I can also insert a map like this:

Geesh! That’s an impressive little zoom right there! That is a satelllite image of the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh.  Well, actually, I guess it’s “right outside the front gate of the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh” because you can only see a portion of the actual arena in the upper-right-hand corner of the picture.  That’s how zoomed in this image is!

Anyway, enough of all this fun stuff.  Let’s see if this thing actually posts!