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Can You Xscape at the Wharf?

Or… “Ryan’s 16th Birthday”

Well that was fun. Ryan and a few of his friends headed to Morgantown last week to get Taken. Not literally “taken,” but instead, participate in Morgantown’s premier escape room experience.

The four of us had participated in an escape room in Ocean City, Maryland over the summer. It was a fun experience, but it was definitely a work in progress in O.C. I’m sure over time, the O.C. escape room will be terrific. But this one in Morgantown was the full package.

The general idea behind an escape room is to solve a series of logic puzzles, have keen observation and great teamwork. You must use all of these abilities to escape a room or series of rooms within a certain time limit. In the games that we’ve played, we’ve had one hour to escape. In this case, the kids had just 54 seconds to spare… Nothing like cutting it close guys!

Click here to learn more about the Xscape room in Morgantown, or click here to learn more about the Taken adventure that is offered there.


Ryan’s 7th birthday

Ryan is now seven years old.  We had a little get together here last Friday evening with friends and family.CIMG1222

Being the video game fanatic that he is, it probably isn’t surprising that he’s added Mario Super Sluggers and Starfox Adventures to his library.

I’ve covered Ryan’s own “Starfox Adventures” in previous posts.  This game may be old, but it’s new to him.  We’ve also been playing some Wii Table Tennis, a downloadable game.  Ryan beats me every time at that one though.

He’s also getting interested in the old “Star Wars” thing.  I never really got into that series of movies.  I don’t know why.  Seems like a natural fit.  But I think I would like to find the first three (the original, old ones) on DVD sometime.