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The Children of the World Choir: Rescue Tour

The “Children of the World” choir came to Jewel City Church on Wednesday and touched the audience with their story of a difficult past that has now been replaced with a glorious future.

To learn more about their story and their current Rescue Tour, visit the WorldHelp website at https://worldhelp.net/children-of-the-world/

You can learn more about children like Jerry:


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Next-Gen Peabody and Sherman

So, I’ve been looking forward to this movie since I saw the previews a good while back.  I enjoyed watching Mr. Peabody and Sherman along with Rocky and Bullwinkle while I was growing up.  Of course, it is a little odd that a dog adopted a boy, or went to Harvard, or invented a time machine, but if you can get past all that and just believe it all, then this is a fun movie to watch.

“Our story begins” like our story always begins. In fact, the first few minutes of the movie are pretty much based on this original episode of Mr. Peabody and Sherman:

One thing I enjoyed about this movie, though, beyond the nostalgia, is watching how time travel is handled. Mr. P & S had a few adventures along the way in the movie, and Sherman even takes a few adventures of his own with his new friend, Penny.  There is one scene where there were two Mr. Peabodys and two Shermans, and the resolution to restoring the space-time continuum is a little bit contrived, but, hey, I’m already buying the intelligent talking dog raising a boy, so I can let the technicalities on time travel slide, I suppose.

Call me a little naive, or at the very least hopeful, but I would like to think that the time travel sequences in this movie might make some kid out there want to learn more about history. Visiting the pyramids, the Trojan war, Ben Franklin and several other famous figures might just make some kid watching the movie want to find out more.  Like I want to know if DaVinci really created a fake freaky baby made out of wood.  No evidence on that one yet.

But, overall, Mr. Peabody and Sherman was a fun, entertaining movie, with enough humor and nostalgia that parents will enjoy watching it and remembering their childhood, and still relevant enough today that kids will find it funny as well.  I still enjoy Peabody’s bad puns, even if nobody else does. 🙂



I very much enjoyed this Disney-Pixar movie when we went to see it onwall_e_poster Saturday.  We  were a little late getting out to see this because of our vacation plans.  I try to catch the Disney-Pixar movies as soon as they come out.

I liked the story line, and I had absolutely no problem with the lack of dialogue in the first half hour of the movie.  You know, it just goes to show you how communication can be completely visual.  I think it’s just a testament to how great the animators really are.  This will definitely be a DVD purchase.

The only negative thing I had heard about the movie, really, was that the message was overtly political.  And I just didn’t see that.  Yes, in the movie, mankind failed to take care of the earth, but it was so “over-the-top” with the tall stacks of trash that all the “WALL•E” robots created… that just wouldn’t really happen that way.  Yes, we may pollute the earth to where it’s uninhabitable… I could see that happening.  And there’s a decent chance that we could get so large that we can’t even stand up without help.  But that should just be encouragement to not let that happen.  I don’t know… I just looked at the movie for it’s entertainment value.  And I was entertained.


Kids activities wind down

recital-1 Dance has wound down. T-Ball has wound down. Soccer has wound down. It’s been a crazy couple of months, but it’s all settling down now.

Allison performed at her dance recital on Friday and Saturday nights. She had cousins that also danced. They were in a different class, but performed on the same night.

Thanks to all the dance instructors this season. You have all been wonderful, and have done a great job with all the kids.  All the girls did an excellent job last weekend! Way to go!

Ryan’s T-Ball finished this past Friday night at the Shinnston Little League field. All the kids received participation trophiesIMAGE_063. They all did well over the whole season and should be proud of what they’ve accomplished!

And a special thanks to all of Ryan’s coaches this season. They did a great job of teaching the kids some fundamentals of the game. The kids had a great time and I’m sure Ryan will miss T-Ball.

All the kids got to meet Levi Maxwell, a Shinnston boy who was recently drafted by the Chicago White Sox. He signed a lot of baseball caps and was very nice to each of the kids. Thanks, and good luck!