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90’s CGI memories

I’ve been undertaking a project recently to convert old VHS/VHS-C/Digital video tapes to a digital format to store on my home network Synology. It’s nice to have a backup and it’s also nice to be able to pull up any home video just within a few clicks.

Well, I happened to stumble across a video from 1990 titled “The Mind’s Eye.” It’s a collection of late 80’s CGI animation that obviously pales in comparison to the stuff in theaters today, but it certainly showed “what was possible” with technology, even in those early stages of computer animation.

Imagine my surprise (not really) when I discovered that the entire video is available on YouTube. So that’s one less video tape I have to convert…

Among the nuggets in the video is Stanley & Stella in: Breaking the Ice. It was the first computer animated short that I can remember emotionally connecting with. Give it a watch.

If you don’t want to sit through the entire Mind’s Eye video, you can find Stanley and Stella right here. Enjoy!

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Relive your childhood through your browser

I’ve seen this trend toward classic computing really take off lately. My favorite is probably the Amiga Forever emulator by Cloanto. I like that one because I actually converted several Amiga disks over to *.adf format before disposing of the old Amiga machine.

But now there’s a way to enjoy some “new” classic games straight through your browser. The Internet Archive has recently added several games from the 80’s and 90’s. Just click on the large green power button, and you are on your way!

You should thank me for successfully wasting your otherwise productive day!


Ahhh… Commodore 64 Memories…

Oh, this brings back memories.

I was JasonM13 on Q*Link back in the day. I’m trying to remember… I think Q*Link was $9.95 per month for access and 6 cents per minute for “plus” time access. Certain features (like chatting for example) were considered “plus” time features.

All of this at an exciting 300bps! WooHoo! I enjoyed Q*Link but didn’t get to be online that much back in the 80’s because there were no local access numbers. Telenet and Tymenet were the only services that provided dial-up access to Q*Link, and the closest number was in Morgantown, which was long distance.

But still, fun times!

Look below! More Q*Link!

…and another promotional video from 1986:


Amiga Forever 2009

Yes, another Amiga-related entry.  i can’t help it… it’s in my blood or something.

I just installed the Amiga Forever 2009 software fresh on my laptop.  It looks like AmigaSYS integrates with the GUI directly and I have a large download (I assume of the latest version of AmigaSYS) that just finished…  Let’s see how this goes.

Yes, after the download, the installation and integration of AmigaSYS was very smooth.  Especially compared with the previous versions of AmigaSYS.  You don’t even have to know where to store the files, it just does it all for you.  Nice!

I’ve got a whole “hard drive” ready to import into my own Amiga 2000HD emulation environment.  Hopefully that will go smooth.

But I’m very glad to see that development is going to continue on AmigaSYS.  I’ve been impressed at what can still be accomplished in the Amiga environment in 2009.


It’s about time…

It only took 22 years, but I’m done:


I have finally beaten the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Infocom game.  Of course, as is always the case with an Infocom game, I needed a little help.

This was the first game I got with my Commodore 128 back in the mid-80’s.  I got another version for the Amiga, and finished that one with my Amiga emulator just the other day.

And to think, for all these years, that there actually was a “causal relationship” between the toothbrush and the tree collapse! Boy, did they pull the wool over my eyes!

Hey, you can play an updated, 20th Anniversary edition of the game at BBC 4’s website!