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Are Tablets Ruining Watching TV Together? [Gizmodo]

This is a nice read from gizmodo.com. I’ve often pondered this kind of thing, especially during American Idol season. Every year for the past five seasons I’ve written a little blog review of the contestants performances while watching Idol. I always put my comments down as they come to mind, as to not be influenced by the judges.  In other words: I wanna get there first! But often, I’m tapping away at an iPad screen while sitting beside my wife, who undoubtedly would rather be watching TV without another shiny, gleaming metal object in the mix…

So, anyway, take a read:

TV socializing is something of an oxymoron to begin with. When we sit down to watch the tube together, we’re mostly together in the strictest technical sense—couch proximity. We might share popcorn, or laugh in unison, or murmur something about how so-and-so got fat—but it ain’t exactly a meeting of the minds. Our eyes—and brains—are focused on the screen. So is adding a tablet to reach thousands estranging us from the actual people we’re with?

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